A Baby Blanket Gift with a Special Story

If you are heading off to a baby shower or to visit a friend with a newborn baby, you might be looking for a special baby shower gift. The Xhosa Cultural Blanket brings with it a beautiful story that will make your babyshower present unique and cherished.

Babyshower gift blanket


The Xhosa Cultural Blanket, also sometimes known as a Notolo blanket, is used in the sacred Xhosa ceremony of Imbeleko. This is the occasion wherein a child is introduced to their ancestors. It is said that the ancestors will then protect and guide the child throughout their days. 

The ceremony can be performed on a child of any age. During the ceremony a goat is slaughtered and the elders ask the ancestors to accept, guide and protect the child. After the ceremony, sometimes an “Ispandla” is worn around the wrist. This is a piece of goat skin and is used to show that the person has been in touch with their ancestors.


Similar ceremonies are practiced across many tribes such as Xhosa and Zula.

The Xhosa Cultural Blanket is a strikingly beautiful blanket and is woven with a special story. Giving this as a baby shower gift will show that you wish upon the baby acceptance, good health, protection and guidance.

See more about the Imbeleko Blanket here


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