Prince Harry Loves Lesotho

Prince Harry has certainly taken after his mother, the late Princess Dianna. He is passionate about helping people, in particular children and one of his charities closest to his heart is in Lesotho!

In 2004 Prince Harry took a year off after school to travel the world. At just 19 he traveled to Australia, Argentina, Botswana and Lesotho - with Lesotho having had the greatest impact on him after he spent 2 months living and working there. 

Prince Seesio was his guide during his time spent in Lesotho and together the pair teamed up to try and tackle the extreme poverty they came across throughout the country. 

Sentebale, meaning "forget-me-not" is a charity they founded together.  The charity focuses on children struggling with HIV, the effects of HIV and extreme poverty. The charity relies on grassroots  organisations to transform the lives of these children.


Prince Harry Lesotho

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